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Supporting people into work during the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus is affecting society in different ways, causing concern about almost every aspect of daily life, including employment. Our priority is to do everything we can to best support our residents, including making sure that the advice and guidance available through Clarion Futures, our charitable foundation, continues to reach those who need it.

Through Clarion Futures, residents have access to a free, national employment and training service providing a wide range of opportunities, including work placements, apprenticeships and employability training. Our dedicated team can help with everything from CV writing and interview practice to online job searches and applications, with support tailored to meet individual needs.

This service remains in operation during the coronavirus outbreak, with support provided over the phone or online rather than face-to-face, including both individual sessions and virtual training courses and job clubs. We have also shifted our focus to opportunities in sectors experiencing growth due to the pandemic, such as supermarket delivery and in-store roles, food production and security, helping to ensure that shoppers and hospital visitors adhere to social distancing guidelines.

During the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve supported several residents into roles supporting the NHS across the country.

One of these is Linna Ibrahim, who recently started work as a security officer at The Nightingale Hospital at ExCel London, built to treat patients with coronavirus. Linna, 44, was long-term unemployed and unsure where to turn for help. Having attended an introductory training course, Linna received support from Clarion Futures to improve her CV, search for job opportunities and prepare for interviews, which resulted in her appointment as a security officer for G4S, one of the world’s leading security companies.

Linna said: “I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Clarion Futures for the valuable assistance I received during my job search. All the information and support was fantastic, along with the coaching around requirements and the interview process which went a long way towards making me feel comfortable and engaged with a highly competitive job search.

“I’m proud to be playing my part to support the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak and wouldn’t be where I am today without Clarion Futures.”

To find out more about the support that’s available, visit our jobs and training page