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Ruby supports local NHS workers by making free re-useable mask covers and uniform bags

Ruby Glover, a facilities officer at Clarion Housing Group, has been making free masks and scrub bags for NHS staff and key workers to protect themselves during the Covid-19 crisis.

Ruby, whose friend is a Kent health worker, was keenly aware of the challenges keyworkers have faced during to the coronavirus outbreak and wanted to help. She found a Facebook group for like-minded volunteers and noticed there was a demand for items like mask covers and uniform bags. She decided to make a few for her friend who was so pleased with them that she told colleagues at a local hospital.

Ruby, 26, from West Malling, makes the bags and mask covers from bed sheets and pillowcases that she buys on discount at her local supermarket or have been donated. She selects vibrant fabrics to bring some cheer to hospital workers and their patients. These have been so well received that she has been put in touch with other health workers in more wards to provide bags and mask covers.

The uniform bags Ruby makes not only allow health workers to take their clothes to work, but at the end of the day they can put their dirty uniforms into the bags and put them straight into the washing machine at home. The bags help to minimise the risk of cross-contamination for the workers and their families.

Ruby said: ‘It means a lot to me to be able to help our front line workers and I feel like I’m making a difference to their lives, while they are saving ours. I would encourage anyone to look out for opportunities to volunteer at their local hospital to see where they can lend their support- even in a small way’