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Improving prospects


Improving prospects: Kickstart Scheme

We are helping to improve the outlook for hundreds of unemployed young people whose job prospects have suffered as a result of the pandemic.

Clarion is leading the Kickstart Housing Partnership, which aims to create more than 800 six month paid work placements in the housing sector for unemployed 16- 24 year olds.

We are offering more than 300 placements and have already taken on more than 50 young people in the past few months - in areas ranging from communications and IT, to housing and finance.

Hemraj is one of those who has been recruited through the Kickstart programme. He joined us in May as a Content and Social Media Assistant.

The 23-year-old graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in journalism studies last summer, and was unemployed when his job coach told him about the Kickstart job placements at Clarion.

He successfully applied for a placement and said: “As the weeks go by I’m getting more and more responsibility which I really like.”

Hemraj is benefiting from training, experience of the workplace, and an “insight into what it’s like to work in digital marketing.”

He is helping to run our Instagram channel and said: “I’m feeling really confident about my future.”

To apply for Kickstart roles, please contact your local Job Centre and Work Coach.