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Supporting you with changes to your money


We know that dealing with changes to your money can be a worrying and stressful time. This could be due to benefit changes, loss of income or a change in circumstances. In recent weeks alone, many households across the country will have been affected by the changes to Universal Credit, the closure of the furlough scheme, and the soaring cost of energy bills. If you are struggling to manage, please don’t suffer in silence - we are here to help whenever you need it.

If you are feeling worried about money, the sooner you take action the better. Every year, our team of money specialists at Clarion Futures help thousands of residents talk through their worries, build their confidence and help them find solutions, so that they feel more in control.

Here are our top tips on getting your finances back on track and how we can support you:

1. Check your entitlements

Our Money team can help advise you on what benefits you are entitled to. You can also find out what benefits you can claim with our free and simple online calculator.

2. Review your household budget

We can help you go through everything that is spent within the household or you could use a budget planner. As well as your regular bills, don’t forget to include those one-off expenses. If you are unsure, keep a daily record of how your money spent – even small amounts can quickly add up. We can also help you if you feel your bills are wrong or if you’re unable to pay.

3. See if you’re getting the best deals

Covering energy, water and phone, internet and TV packages, ensure you’re signed up to the best deals. It’s worth comparing and shopping around for cheaper tariffs, which can help you make savings.

Remember, it’s vital that your gas and electricity bills are paid as a priority. If you are struggling or want guidance on utility costs, get in touch.

4. Take action to tackle debt

If you’re having trouble paying your rent, bills or debts, please contact the team so they can offer you the right help and guidance.

You may be able to receive vouchers to meet food or heating costs while ways to improve your situation are being looked at. We may also put you in touch with our specialist debt advice partner, StepChange. Alternatively, you could speak to Citizens Advice, who offer free and impartial guidance.

Whatever the challenge, be rest assured that there is no money issue that can’t be worked on together. The Clarion Futures Money team will always listen patiently, carefully and without judgement, so that you can feel safe talking through your concerns.

Take the first step by checking out our financial guidance section, where we have an abundance of handy information at your fingertips.

Here to help

If you need more support or want to talk through your concerns, complete our simple request for guidance online form and a member of the team will get back to you.