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Pupils of St John’s C of E primary school are making a difference by creating a welcoming space for the wider community to enjoy.

The thirteen youngsters volunteered for the school’s first Mini-Community Ambassadors scheme funded by Clarion Futures which encourages 5-11 year olds to develop ideas for social impact projects.

‘We organise projects that we think make people happy”.

After consulting with the local community in Goodwyns, they set out their plan to upgrade the school Play Farm with a fountain, re-painted benches and an outdoor kitchen, so it can be used for community events. The Jolly John’s Play Farm is used to grow vegetables and learn about the natural environment; and has inspired this group of young volunteers to improve it for more people to enjoy.

‘We do loads of activities and we are excited to run and open our own cafe.’

Our contractor partner United Living provided volunteers and materials to build the outdoor kitchen area, and the kitchen units were donated from the nearby Livesmart scheme – so it was a real team effort from across Clarion and partners.