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Active Inclusion's top tips for managing stress


Stress awareness month offers the opportunity to reflect on the importance of creating healthy stress relieving strategies. Here on the Active Inclusion project, we’ve created a list of our top three tips on finding your inner Zen.


Exercise has been proven to increase mood and improve sleep quality. Individuals who have frequent periods of exercise report feeling less anxious. We frequently run a session called ‘Get up & Go’ where customers can log on and do a 10 minute light paced workout in the comfort of their home.

Deep Breathing

Double inhales through the nose, followed by a slow exhale through the mouth is the fastest way to bring the body and mind to a more relaxed state. By closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, your body is forced to pivot away from stress and to focus on rest.

Going for walks

Having a change of scenery and going for a walk is the one of the quickest way to relieve stress. Research shows that going for a walk stimulates a rush of endorphins, which in turn improve our mood. We understand the importance of walks and hold fortnightly walking groups.

Active Inclusion 

Stress awareness month has also been a busy time for us at the Active Inclusion team, so take a lookat what we've been up to!

Over the last few weeks, the Active Inclusion project has seen tremendous growth and incredible job outcomes for customers on the programme. We assist individuals who need a helping hand navigating challenging barriers to employment.

Recent success stories have come from long term unemployed customers who have been assisted with job searching, CV support, job applications and interview preparation. We have also been able to provide customers with money guidance, digital skills, functional skills and wellbeing support. The culmination of assistance has seen individuals get into roles such in finance, hospitality, teaching and more.

Additionally, many customers have started and completed a wide range of accredited and non-accredited courses. We have been able to assist customers into courses related to: Excel, business administration, dog grooming and copywriting.

We have also been lucky enough to attend a number of job fairs to make their presence known to local communities. The lockdown had a detrimental impact on the nation’s sense of community. Therefore, it’s their mission to plug into local communities and convey support available to them.

Active Inclusion is a free and voluntary training and employment programme supporting individuals aged 16+ with multiple complex needs into work and training. To self-refer to Active Inclusion, please contact: