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Bringing Homeshare to Clarion residents


“Now I have a homesharer, my middle-aged children feel reassured because there is someone else in the house with me.” – Householder

Would you like some company at home? Someone to share a meal with…

Homeshare brings together people with spare rooms with people who are happy to chat and lend a hand around the house in return for affordable, sociable accommodation.

We’ve partnered with Homeshare UK to offer you the opportunity to take part in a mutually beneficial shared living arrangement with the support of a dedicated Homeshare Co-ordinator. You must be over the age of 55 to be considered.

Want a little extra help around the house or just some friendly company?

As a householder, you could need some daily living support which will be provided by the homesharer. This includes tasks such as cleaning, shopping, cooking, gardening, overnight reassurance, and providing companionship, but no personal care is involved.

They will provide up to 10 hours per week of practical support, whilst living sociably - sharing life, time, skills, and experience.

You will be matched with a homesharer based on their interests, lifestyles, and requirements. Thorough safeguarding checks will be carried out and ongoing support provided to both parties by the Homeshare Co-ordinator.

As a Clarion resident, this opportunity will be free of charge. You would also expect to see savings on household bills and similar domestic help that they may have otherwise needed.

Householders will not receive any rent, however each resident’s individual social and financial situation will be worked through, to maximise the positive outcomes.

“It’s given me a new perspective on life and even though I hate to admit it I do need a bit of extra help round the house – I’m not getting any younger!” – Householder, London

Meet Graham and Lee 

Graham and Lee, a Homeshare match with Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow and Brent. 

Graham’s family were looking for some extra support for their father, after he was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia.

They wanted someone who would be around to remind Graham to take his medication and attend his lunch club. They also wanted Graham to have company and the feeling of security, especially at night.

Lee was living in a bedsit and was looking for more comfortable and affordable accommodation. He had volunteered at a lunch club for older people before the pandemic.

He felt that a Homeshare would allow him to continue to support the older generation , and at the same time help him find a new home.

Lee said, “I have shared with a lot of people before I met Graham. I think Graham is the easiest person I have lived with.”

Graham’s family are happy with the Homeshare so far and it gives them peace of mind that Lee is around to support their father.

Graham said, “Having someone else in the house at night helps me feel safe. Especially making sure the doors are locked before I go to bed.

A middle-aged and a mature man sitting at a dining table, having a drink together.

If you or a family member have a spare room and would be interested in homesharing please get in touch with Kayleigh:

Kayleigh Harris

Homeshare UK Development and Delivery Officer – Clarion Project

07788 253 816