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A first in our resident webinar series begins


At the start of the year, we invited involved residents to join Clarion’s first, resident webinar online.

The one-hour webinar was a pilot, involving residents from the East and North London regions. Ahead of the webinar, we gathered resident feedback to ensure the information was relevant and that we could provide the right support services.

The chosen topic for discussion was Leaks, Condensation, Damp & Mould (LCDM) and we wanted to explore practical solutions related to the causes and preventions that may be affecting living spaces.

With this in mind, we asked involved residents in the East and North London regions to complete a survey and feedback ahead of any planning.

The development of the webinar was influenced and shaped by the feedback received from the 55 responses we had and included:

  • The causes and preventions of LCDM
  • What we are doing to manage LCDM
  • What checks our surveyors make in your home to tackle and prevent LCDM

Launch event

We were delighted to welcome 14 residents to the live webinar. Ian Morrison, Director of Property Management, presented alongside our Specialist LCDM and Resident Involvement teams.

Residents also found out more information about the role of Resident Liaison Officers, and how to report an issue of LCDM in their home.

To address resident concerns effectively, we asked attendees to submit their questions before the webinar so we could focus on answering them during our dedicated Q&A section.

For those that managed to join us on the night – thank you. We appreciate your time and value your participation.

Results from the evaluation survey will be shared with our LCDM project group and Regional Directors.

We will also look at resident feedback to guide us in making greater use of our communication opportunities to residents.

The success of this resident webinar sets the stage for more informative webinars in the future. To suggest topics for future webinars, please get in touch.

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Our commitment to resident engagement and feedback demonstrates our Clarion Commitments of maintaining your home, keeping you informed and providing accessible services.

Watch our highlights video of the webinar below.

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You can find more information on how to prevent and manage LCDM in your home on our website.

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