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Trusted in times of need


In January, we became the 10th Patron of the National Emergencies Trust, an independent charity dedicated to raising funds for people affected by UK disasters.

The charity’s recent Coronavirus Appeal raised nearly £100 million for those affected by the pandemic and touched the lives of 13 million people by funding 14,000 grassroots projects. It’s a partnership that builds on the work we do to support residents and communities through Clarion Futures.

The partnership means that when the next national emergency arises, we’ll be in a good position to help those affected, including our residents and local communities. 

We are proud to also support the charity’s vital year-round preparedness work. For example, enabling the Trust to strengthen its distribution networks, ensuring no-one is left behind during future emergencies, and helping it to progress innovative, survivor-led projects, like Bee The Difference.

Led by nine young survivors of the Manchester Arena attack, the Bee The Difference research project highlighted six ways to provide better mental health support for children and young people affected by terrorism. Its findings are not only informing the way the Trust supports young people but have also influenced others who can create change, including a review by the Victims of Terrorism Unit within the Home Office.

Michelle Reynolds, Chief Customer Officer, said:

"As a social housing provider, we're all about looking out for our residents. Partnering with the Trust just makes sense. They're all about learning from real experiences and making sure help gets to everyone who needs it. That's something we can definitely get behind."

Find out more about the National Emergencies Trust.

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