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Build confidence and your career


Our Active Inclusion Service is more than just a training and employment programme; it’s a pathway to a better future. With our team's comprehensive support and guidance, you can take the first step towards building confidence and your career.

We will help you get ready for work, one step at a time. With a focus on building confidence and exploring job and training opportunities, our one-to-one support is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Explore health and wellbeing paths

We believe that preparing for work starts with a foundation of good health and wellbeing. Our service explores various enrichment paths to gently guide you towards readiness for job and training opportunities. By prioritising your health and wellbeing, we set the stage for a successful journey into employment.

Personalised support every step of the way

Active Inclusion offers specialised support to help individuals gain the confidence to achieve their goals. Our free and voluntary training and employment programme is designed for those aged 16 and above with multiple complex needs, providing the resources and guidance necessary to transition into work and training.

Here’s how our team can support you:

  • Holistic support for wellbeing planning to ensure a balanced approach to your journey.
  • CV and interview guidance with advice on creating compelling CVs and preparing for interviews.
  • Routine building to help you establish a structured daily routine to enhance productivity and stability.
  • Community links to connect with community resources and support networks.
  • Employability/wellbeing workshops to boost your employability skills and overall wellbeing.
  • Financial and digital support to manage finances and navigating digital tools.
  • Directing you to specialised services tailored to your specific needs.
  • Active help in searching for suitable job opportunities.
  • Connecting you with potential employers and job openings.
  • Strategies to build resilience and cope with challenges.
  • In-work support to help you thrive in your new job.

With a dedicated team ready to assist you, the only thing missing is you.

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