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Staff talking to residents


As a resident, you are the best person to tell us about where you live.

Improving waste management issues and looks in our neighbourhood.

You said:

Residents complained of rubbish being dumped in and around the bin store area. This was creating a mess and health hazard and attracting pests such as mice and rats in the area.

The main problem was not having enough bins for residents, and the existing ones were not locked, allowing non-residents to contribute to the overflow of waste.

We have:

Developed a survey with 195 residents. The local neighbourhood team took action based on the identified issues and 70% of the responses indicated a need for new bins to solve the problem.

The neighbourhood team successfully secured funding for a new set of bins which now have locks and improved recycling facilities. We also made changes to the groundwork to access the bins.

With these improvements, there should be enough bins for residents, and their design should prevent issues like fly-tipping and rubbish overflow, ultimately helping to reduce problems with rodents. The new bin area also looks much better aesthetically.

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