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Staff talking to residents

North London

As a resident, you are the best person to tell us about where you live.

Clarion staff and residents come together for better communication and solutions.

You said:

There hasn’t been much communication or presence from Clarion staff, and you highlighted concerns about repairs. We also became aware that some residents were not sure about the procedure for reporting repairs and expressed concerns about anti-social behaviour and were not happy with the parking measures.

We have:

Organised an event at Arundel Square where residents could meet with staff.

During this event, residents could talk about outstanding repairs, get help from the tenancy specialist team for anti-social behaviour problems, and receive support from the employment and digital team, such as job search guidance and digital training. The Estate services team were also there to discuss parking matters.

On that day, we inspected four properties, and parking rules were temporarily relaxed. Residents were happy to meet staff, learn how to report repairs, and connect with Clarion. Any pending repairs were logged and treated as high-priority items, ensuring speedier resolution.

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