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Staff talking to residents


As a resident, you are the best person to tell us about where you live.

Residents reject planning permission to develop a new communal path in Orchard Way, East Grinstead

You said:

You didn’t want a communal path added onto the estate.

East Grinstead Town Council had asked Clarion for permission to build a new communal path between blocks 1-47 and 49-99 Orchard Way. The path would have crossed the communal gardens and lead to a timed, access gate into the cemetery.

We have:

Carried out a survey and learned that the majority of residents who responded did not support the new path. Residents were concerned about loss of privacy, anti-social behaviour, and damage to animal habitats.

As the response rate was quite low, the Town Council asked if the survey could be re-opened to give them an opportunity to explain the proposal to residents. The Town Clerk and her Deputy came along to an event on the 6th July to speak to residents and invite them to complete a survey about the path.

Most residents who responded did not support the communal path with 77% against it and 23% in support. In line with the wishes of most residents, Clarion has now told East Grinstead Town Council that we do not agree to the path being built across our communal land. We have asked them to look into other options to access the cemetery.

Orchard Way, East Grinstead.

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