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Staff talking to residents


As a resident, you are the best person to tell us about where you live.

Parking solutions: addressing resident concerns and improving parking rules.

You said:

You were frustrated that non-residents park in your allocated parking bays when using the nearby shops and children’s nursery.

Mostly, this was only for short periods of time but sometimes vehicles are left in resident spaces for several days without being moved, and vehicles had even been abandoned there. This caused tension between residents and non-residents.

You asked us to improve the signs to clearly show that parking is for residents only. You also asked us to make sure the nursery staff and clients know that it is a private car park, and they should park somewhere else. You would also like some space for residents’ visitors to park.

We have:

We consulted residents to figure out how to solve the parking issues.

We advised that each household is allocated one parking space plus a visitor bay for the block. There is also non-allocated parking spaces available in the surrounding area which visitors, or residents with more than one vehicle can use.

Clarion is in regular touch with the nursery to stop misuse of the car park. The nursery reminds their clients not to use our resident parking.

We are getting quotes for better signs to clearly mark this as residents only parking and not public use.

We will continue to keep Wickhurst Square car park under review. If problems continue, we will install a camera monitored parking system. But before we do that, we will make sure to inform residents about the plan and how to apply for parking permits.

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