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Staff talking to residents

South London

As a resident, you are the best person to tell us about where you live.

Swift repairs and teamwork: improvements for Leesons Hill residents.

You said:

During a partnership event for residents at Leesons Hill Estate, residents highlighted the glass side panel on the entrance to 21 -22 Hawkinge Walk needed urgent repair.

The panelling had been boarded up and although the plan was to address it in future planned, projects, residents raised concerns over the urgency of the issue.

We have:

An urgent appeal was submitted to Clarion Response, asking them to carry out the reconstruction and replacement of the boarded-up glass side panels due to safety concerns.

The panel was reconstructed, and new glass was installed.

Although this task would usually fall under Planned Investment, this situation highlights effective teamwork that resulted in improved services for residents.

Following procedure is essential for large organisations and it is important that we follow these processes. However, recognising the need for creative thinking is equally important.

This instance is a great example of different departments coming together and thinking outside the box.

The partnership event, led by Clarion and joined by London Borough Bromley Council and the Metropolitan Police, provided a platform for residents, local teams, partner agencies, and the Ward Councillor to discuss concerns openly. The event also assisted residents with housing applications and addressed anti-social behaviour cases. Valuable discussions took place with Community Wardens regarding supporting residents dealing with ASB issues.

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