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Parking space

Parking space Diamond House Tower Hamlets

Opportunity to rent

A parking space

Available from:

Approx £3.50 per week

Car park space 68 available at Diamond House

Car parking space 68 at Diamond House is available to rent.

Priority is given to those who have a Blue Badge. Please include details of your Blue Badge as you register your interest.

Please note that you cannot rent a parking space if you have:

  • current or former rent arrears
  • any other outstanding debt issued with a Legal Notice in the last two months
  • had Clarion legal proceedings started against you for other tenancy breaches
  • had your garage repossessed

You must also provide the required documents in your application. These include proof of ownership, current MOT document and insurance documents.

The cost of renting a bay does not include parking enforcement. You can buy a parking permit from our parking enforcement contractor.