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Young family with baby stand on the path outside of their house

How to swap homes

If you need to move home, you may be able to swap homes with another tenant: this is known as a mutual exchange.

Swapping homes through a process called mutual exchange can be a great way to find a home that’s more suitable for you and your family. There could be many reasons behind wanting to move, with the most common being:

  • Find a bigger home: benefit from extra space if you have a growing family.
  • Find a smaller home: find a more manageable home with a smaller rent charge and often lower gas and electricity costs if your household size has reduced.
  • Move to a new area: get a home nearer your work, or closer to your children’s school.
  • Adapt to health changes: find a home with disabled access, or without stairs.
  • Have or give up a garden: move to a home with outdoor space, or if you can no longer cope with a garden you could swap to a flat or bungalow.

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Swap homes using House Exchange

Unless you already know someone who wants to swap homes, the House Exchange website is the best way to find a new home.

The website has homes available to swap across the UK and from different housing associations – not just Clarion homes. You can search according to the location, size and type of home you want. Registration is free for all Clarion residents.

Find out more about House Exchange