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A new contractor to provide communal heating services across North London

We want to improve services and ensure compliance within your block.

Clarion Housing Group requires a suitably qualified heating contractor to provide services across its blocks in North London where there is a communal heating source.

The key considerations when looking for a new contractor are:

  • Ensuring minimal disruption and inconvenience for residents.
  • The contractor will have the required set of skills to carry out duties.
  • The contractor will comply with health and safety and diversity and inclusion requirements.

The object of the Contract is to place with the Contractor the sole responsibility for the satisfactory operation of the communal rooms. This will include all gas, heating and all associated mechanical services and distribution systems for the duration of the Contract. This will be achieved through regular scheduled visits to inspect and service the plant and for the repair or replacement of items of plant as instructed by the Contract Administrator and required by the Contract.

The Contractor shall provide a 24-hour, 365 days per year (366 for a leap year) fully inclusive breakdown service for the Contract Period to allow for breakdown or malfunction of any appliance, system and/or component part of an appliance or system and the replacement of any components or system parts specified.

We are legally required to issue formal consultation with our residents on new contracts where the residents may be liable for costs of more than £100 per annum. To ensure that we can recover the full costs of our services we have issued this notice to all residents who have access to a communal area.

This does not mean that the cost will be over that amount. At this stage of the procurement process, we are not in a position to confirm the cost for individual residents but costings will be provided in the next stage of this consultation process (Notice of Proposal).

Clarion Housing has a duty to have regard to written observations made within the consultation period.

In order to do so, you should send your comments and observations in writing to:

Home Ownership Team
Clarion Housing Group
Reed House
Peachman Way

Alternatively you can complete the form below.

Observation form

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Deadline for observation submission

If you wish to make formal observations they must be in writing and received before 14 February 2022.

You can also email your comments and observations to:

Download the full communal heating specification (pdf).

Alternatively, we would be happy to send the document to you via email or post.

To request this please send an email to

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