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New Contractor for Mechanical Water & Booster Pumps

Clarion Housing Group requires a suitable contractor to deliver a programme of Servicing to Waste Water systems, Booster Pumps/sets and Grey/Rainwater Harvesting systems across all regions.

The key considerations when looking for a new contractor are:

  • Ensuring minimal disruption and inconvenience for residents.
  • The contractor will have the required set of skills to carry out duties.
  • The contractor will comply with health and safety and diversity and inclusion requirements.

We are legally required to issue formal consultation with our residents on new contracts where the residents may be liable for costs of more than £100 per annum.

This does not mean that the cost will be over that amount.  At this stage of the procurement process, we are not in a position to confirm the cost for individual residents but costings will be provided in the next stage of this consultation process (Notice of Proposal).

Clarion Housing has a duty to have regard to written observations made within the consultation period.

In order to do so, you should send your comments and observations in writing to:

Home Ownership Team
Clarion Housing Group
Reed House,
Peachman Way,

Or please use the online form below: 

Share your thoughts

You can email your comments and observations to:

If you wish to make formal observations they must be in writing and received before 21st February 2024.

You may view the full specification by downloading the document below. Alternatively, we would be happy to send the document to you via email or post. To request this please send an email to

Mechanical Water Services specification [PDF]


Why are we serving the notice?

Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) requires a landlord (Clarion Housing) to consult tenants and leaseholders who pay variable service charges before entering into a long-term agreement where:

  • The agreement will be longer than 12 months, and
  • any single tenant/leaseholder would be liable to pay more than £100 (including VAT) within a year.

Who have we sent the notice to?

This notice has been sent to residents across all regions who pay towards a sewerage charge and are liable to contribute towards the servicing and upkeep of the system.

What is the long-term agreement for?

We propose to enter into a single long-term agreement for the services of a supplier(s) to provide a Mechanical Water & Booster Pumps across all regions.

Why is Clarion Housing entering into this long-term agreement?

Long-term agreements allow us to work with contractors over a longer period of time to maximise efficiencies and achieve greater value for our customers. The length of the contracts will ensure that we are able to provide consistent delivery standards. Any existing contracts in place we have will be coming to an end very soon.

How much will you have to pay under the new agreements?

You will continue to be billed your service charge on the basis of an estimated cost which is then actualised at the end of the financial year. This notice has been sent to you to notify you that we plan to enter into a new contract for Mechanical Water & Booster Pumps. It is not to notify you of an increase in cost.

Can I look at a full description of the services to be provided under the contract?

Yes, please contact the Home Ownership Team and we will arrange for this documentation to be posted or emailed out to you. You may also view any documentation by downloading the document above. 

What should you do next?

You have the right to make observations on the intention made. In order to do so, you should send your comments and observations in writing to:

Home Ownership Team
Clarion Housing Group
Reed House,
Peachman Way,


If you wish to make formal observations, they must be in writing and received before 21st February 2024.

If you would like to discuss this notice via the telephone, please contact customer services and ask to speak to the Home Ownership team. Please note any verbal communication cannot be deemed to be an observation which should be considered.

Do I have to make observations?

No, but you have a right to make any comments or observations regarding the Notice of Intention. If you are happy with the information you have been provided, we would just ask you to keep the Notice for your records.

Why can’t I nominate a contractor?

Clarion Housing is subject to the Public Contracts Regulations (2015) and consequently we are required to publish a Contract Notice in the Find a Tender Service (FTS).  This will allow all contractors to express an interest in applying for the agreement.  Clarion Housing is not required to give leaseholders the right to nominate contractors when FTS applies as a result of the value of the contracts to be awarded.

What specifically will the contract include?

The specification, available to download on this web page, will include the details on proposed new contract.