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New Southwest Maintenance Contract

A new contract to provide planned and cyclical maintenance, replacement, renewal and improvement works across the South West Region.

We have issued our notice of proposal for a proposed new contract for the South West Region. This includes:

  • planned and cyclical building maintenance
  • replacement, renewal, and improvement building works.

Details of the contractor are included in your notice letter.

Click the button below to download and view the proposal document.

New maintenance contract proposal document [PDF] 

Alternatively document can be sent to you via email or post. To request this please send an email to

Have your say

We have a duty to consider all written observations made within the consultation period.

To have your say on the proposal, you can send your comments and observations in writing to:

Postal address

Section 20 Team

Clarion Housing Group

Reed House,

Peachman Way,




You can email your comments and observations to:

Online form

You can submit your comments and observations using the form below.

Share your thoughts

If you wish to make formal observations, they must be in writing and received before 21st February 2024.


Why are we serving the notice?

Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) requires a landlord (Clarion Housing) to consult tenants and leaseholders who pay variable service charges before entering into a long-term agreement where:

  • the agreement will be longer than 12 months
  • any single tenant / leaseholder would be liable to pay more than £100 (including VAT) within a year.

Who have we sent the notice to?

This notice has been sent to all leaseholders and tenants who pay, or could pay, towards the cost of planned or cyclical maintenance works as part of their service charge. Tenants do not pay for the initial works but pay a charge for the provision of any mechanical and electrical equipment, for example the lift or door entry system.

What is the duration of the Agreements?

The term of the contract will be for 20 years. This will include review periods / break clauses every 5 years. During this time, we may end the contract or clarify costs and service delivery.

I don’t receive any maintenance work from Clarion, why have you sent me this notice?

You may be a leaseholder or a shared owner living in a house with responsibility for your own maintenance. However, there may be a facility you use (such as a car park, unadopted road, or path) or an area of grounds which has a shared responsibility for maintenance. You may not have paid anything in the past but there may be a reason why you need to in the future. For this reason, you have been included in this consultation.

You may live in a development which is not managed by Clarion, or where some services are provided by an agent. If this is the case, some of this consultation may not apply to you.

How much will you have to pay under the new agreements?

If you are a tenant most costs for repairs and maintenance to your home are paid for as part of your rent and not as an additional service charge. Leaseholders and tenants will only have to pay a service charge for works carried out under the contract to their block and estate if these are rechargeable under the terms of their lease or tenancy agreement. When work becomes necessary this will be priced in line with the terms of the contract and you would be consulted on specific works exceeding £250 per property.

What should you do next?

You have the right to make observations on the proposal. To do so, you should send your comments and observations in writing to:

Section 20 Team
Clarion Housing Group
Reed House
Peachman Way


If you wish to make formal observations, they must be in writing and received by the team before 14th February 2024.

If you would like to discuss this notice via the telephone, please contact customer services and ask to speak to the Home Ownership team. Please note any verbal communication cannot be deemed to be an observation which should be considered.

Do I have to make observations?

No, but you have a right to make any comments or observations regarding the Notice of Proposal. If you are happy with the information you have been provided, we would just ask you to keep the Notice for your records.

What specifically will the contract include?

We propose to enter into a long-term agreement for a contractor to undertake the types of works under the agreement. The works to be provided under the agreements are planned and cyclical maintenance, replacement, renewal and improvement works, to all of our buildings and surrounding areas, as, when and if necessary. The works include (but are not limited to):

  • Electrical testing, upgrades, and rewires
  • Lateral mains (electrical) renewals
  • Communal boiler replacements
  • Roof repairs and renewals
  • Fascia and soffit repairs and renewals
  • Rainwater and foul water goods cleaning, repairs, and renewals
  • Flashings and pointing repairs and replacements
  • Chimney stack repairs and rebuilding
  • Brickwork repairs and re-pointing (including boundaries and rebuilding)
  • Concrete repairs and coating systems
  • Window replacement and repairs
  • Render repairs and replacement
  • Cladding repair, replacement, and installation
  • External repairs and redecorations
  • Communal repairs and redecorations
  • Communal entrance doors and screens repair, replacement, and installation
  • Door entry systems replacement and installation
  • External and internal insulation works
  • Door replacements and repairs
  • Door canopies replacement and repairs
  • Communal lighting renewals
  • External estate-specific lighting replacement and installation
  • Underground drainage repairs and renewals (including surveys)
  • Hard and soft landscaping repairs, renewals, and environmental improvements
  • Communal floor and stair repairs and replacement including covering (internal and external)
  • Passenger lift replacement and installation
  • Water mains services repair and replacement
  • Gas mains services repair, replacement, and installation
  • Ventilation systems replacement and installation
  • Fire alarm systems upgrades and replacement
  • Passive fire system upgrades and replacement
  • Sprinkler and misting systems scoping and installations
  • Asbestos removal and encapsulation
  • Renewable technology replacement and installation
  • Sound insulation installation
  • Damp-proofing replacement and installation
  • Validation of stock condition and scoping surveys
  • Access to carry out works safely