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Our rights and responsibilities as a landlord

What are Clarion Housing's rights as a landlord?

Management, repairs and maintenance 

We have the right to make decisions about:

  • Managing your property and the block / estate.
  • Improving, repairing and maintaining the shared areas and structure of your building and services we provide to you.
Please contact us if you are unhappy with how we have managed your block, a decision we have made or the service you are receiving.  We aim to deal with any problems you have when you first contact us.  If you are still not happy, you can make a formal complaint using our complaints procedure.

Service and rent charges

Under the conditions of your lease, we can charge you:

  • Management costs.
  • Ground rent.
  • For maintaining and repairing the structure and shared areas of the building.
  • Buildings insurance.
  • Service costs, such as communal  lighting, cleaning, grounds maintenance and so on. Rent for the equity you do not own (shared ownership leaseholders).

What are Clarion Housing's responsibilities as a landlord?

We are responsible for managing and maintain the shares areas and structure of the building.

Management responsibilities are to:
  • Give you clear information when you first buy your property.
  • Give you information on service charge estimates and actual costs and collection of these charges.
  • Collect ground rent and shared ownership rent where appropriate.
  • Tell you if you are in debt and discuss repayment of any debt owed.
  • Help to support you if you experience antisocial behaviour.
  • Help with any issues about the outside and shared areas of your building / estate.
  • Arrange buildings insurance where we are the freeholder of the block.
  • Provide services as defined in your lease.  These will usually be for lighting in shares areas, cleaning and grounds maintenance, but some lease may have extra services.
In certain circumstances we may not be the owner of the building and service may be provided by a third party managing agent on behalf of the freeholder. In these circumstances we will monitor the services provided and take up any issues with the managing agent on your behalf.  You will still pay for the service provided by the managing agent.

Repairs and maintenance

Your lease will say who is responsible for repairing various parts of your property.  It is important to understand how repairs and maintenance applies to you.

Useful Contacts
Lease Advisory Service (LEASE)
Tel: 0203 7374 5380

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
Tel: 030 3444 0000