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Our commitments

Find out about our new customer service commitments.

Our commitments to you

Here at Clarion, residents are at the heart of everything we do. As well as providing homes for those who need them most, we’re committed to making a difference for our residents and communities, making sure we provide a good service. This includes making you aware of the services we offer and the standard you can expect.

In response to our ongoing engagement with residents on our services, we are delighted to introduce our Clarion Commitments.

The Clarion Commitments will be regularly reviewed to make sure that they continue to reflect what you are telling us. This ensures we focus on the most important issues for you, our residents.

We'll be providing monthly information on our website to share how well we perform against our target for each measure. This shows our progress in delivering our commitments to you.

Click below to take a look at our performance and highlights for each commitment. 

Check out our latest performance

1) We will provide services that are easy to access and respond promptly to your enquiries.

  • Provide you with 24/7 on line access to report repairs and request other services.
  • Reply to your emails and online enquiries to our central contact centre within 5 working days on average.
  • Publicise ways to make a complaint if things go wrong and what to do if you're unhappy about the outcome of your complaint.
  • Resolve your complaint within 15 working days on average.
  • Retain and publicise our contact centre phone number for those who prefer to contact us this way.
Commitment 1 - Our performance
A young woman with bright blue hair underneath a beanie hat taps on her phone.

2) We will listen, keep you informed, and treat you fairly and with respect.

  • Use your feedback to improve our services.
  • Be clear and transparent about your service charges.
Commitment 2 - Our performance
A teenage boy in a grey hoodie looks at the camera and smiles.

3) We will keep your home well maintained.

  • Complete non-emergency repairs within 28 days of them being reported at a time convenient to you (subject to availability of parts and materials).
  • Complete or make safe emergency repairs in your home within 24 hours of them being reported.
  • Invest in your home if you are a tenant to ensure it meets the decent homes standard.
Commitment 3 - Our performance
A young mother and son are sat on the sofa, laughing and playing together.

4) We will maintain your building's safety.

  • Ensure communal water tanks that supply 5 or more properties are checked as per the required frequency.
  • Ensure passenger lifts are inspected every 6 months.
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment of all blocks of flats with internal communal areas at least every 4 years.
  • Complete the required asbestos management surveys or re-inspections at least every 3 years.
  • Carry out all required annual gas safety checks in rented properties.
  • Check the electrical wiring in your block and home every 5 years.
Commitment 4 - Our performance
A male couple are lying together on the sofa in their home browsing a tablet.

5) We will work to ensure that Clarion neighbourhoods are safe, clean and well maintained.

  • Maximise the occupancy of our homes.
  • Regularly inspect estates and communal areas to ensure they are clean, well maintained and clear of fire hazards and rubbish. The frequency will be published to residents.
  • Work closely with residents, the Police and other services to reduce anti social behaviour, drug dealing, harassment and hate crime on our estates.
  • Respond to reports of serious ASB and domestic abuse issues within 1 working day.
  • Respond to noise complaints and less serious ASB that meet our thresholds within 5 working days.
  • Remove offensive graffiti within 1 working day.
  • Remove graffiti within 28 working days.
  • Regularly trim and tidy grassed areas, shrubs and hedges.
Commitment 5 - Our performance
A senior woman and young girl help out in the greenhouse at the local farm.

6) We will help you manage your tenancy by offering additional support and services.

  • Offer additional assistance if you are struggling to maintain your tenancy, including advice on moving home.
  • Help you with budgeting, accessing grants and welfare benefits, debt and energy saving advice.
  • Help you improve your digital skills and getting online.
  • Provide advice and support to help you get a job, or training to improve your job prospects.
Commitment 6 - Our performance
A senior couple laugh together as they dance around their kitchen.