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Resident involvement mid-year review


From scrutiny to partnership days, over 1,800 involved residents have been helping us improve our services this year.

Highlights of the 2019- 2020 mid-year review, include improvements to our website navigation and content, particularly around ASB, local issue consultations, and the launch of Partnership events; alongside input into Housing sector initiatives.

Through scrutiny, service and process reviews, and a varied consultation approach –focus groups and door knocking, estate events, postal surveys and digital forums - enables inclusion at all levels.

Resident involvement is a collaborative process, working with teams across the business to influence change within Clarion and the housing sector.

Raising the quality of engagement and best practice across the sector to support all residents.

Your input helps improve the experience for all housing association residents through projects such as G15 benchmarking, resulting in the first G15 Resident Steering Group meeting in November 2019.

Consultation in Spring 2019 contributed to the development of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants charter. As an early adopter we are progressing the initiative through working practices and resident involvement ahead of roll out later this year.

Sector involvement highlights also include developing the Pledge Card scheme with Surrey University for housing providers to sign up to support LGBT+ residents.

Resident Scrutiny Committees: in depth research for Board recommendations

RSC research includes meeting teams, resident surveys and reviewing process; and externally through benchmarking Clarion against other housing associations. The RSCs are mid review for 2019/20 looking into:

  • North region - Development, Decants and After Care
  • East region - Communication of resident involvement in Estate Inspections
  • North London region – Contacting Clarion and inquiry resolution process
  • South London region - Management of Contractual Works
  • South Region – RI strategy and delivery

We look forward to sharing outcomes later this year.

Findings from 2019 RSC Summary can be seen here:

Service Improvement Groups:

Anti-Social Behaviour - Improving online information and reporting on ASB

A national group, the ASB SIG has made a significant contribution to the online process for ASB reporting, and education around this issue.

The Digital team led workshop in May around the website customer journey resulted in improved content, an ASB form and FAQs to improve understanding and the reporting process. See the full reports here.

A social media campaign raised awareness of how ASB is approached, signposting to information; and a case study is in development to illustrate the experience of resolving an ASB issue from the customer’s point of view. SIG feedback will shape the design.

Available Homes – new resident surveys and furniture research

To improve the moving in process, the AH SIG has contributed to a survey for new residents.

A William Sutton Prize research presentation into furniture recycling from empty properties, has resulted in SIG research around “essential” furniture when moving into your first home.

The group are also involved in tender evaluation for the Home Decoration Materials.

Reviewing our Repairs and maintenance strategic approach: PEGS

Property Engagement Groups, (PEGS) review all aspects of our repairs, planned investment, and safety compliance, and are currently reviewing:

  • Damp and condensation communication
  • Lifting equipment repairs process
  • Stock condition surveys
  • Complaints process and statistics
  • Evaluation of procurement tenders

Partnership Days – working together for local residents

New for 2019, Partnership Days were introduced to support engagement in key areas – a chance for residents to meet staff, board members and partner organisations in an informal setting.

Attended by nearly 1,400 residents, the 20 Partnership days were tailored to local needs, with partners selected for each community event. While the largest events attracted 600 in North London, and 300 in North region, most were smaller scale reflecting the local areas.

Whatever the size, the events focused on giving residents a chance to meet experts from within Clarion and partner organisations, for real results:

"After attending the Partnership event I applied for Watersure, my bill has reduced from £26 per month to £6.90. That would not have happened without the Partnership Day"

Digital opportunities:

Clarion Voice: our online community connects with over 1,200 residents

Our digital platform lets you take part in research and surveys ,such as:

  • Contents insurance: over 300 residents responded and signposted to Money Advice Guidance
  • North London Partnership Day: local views on partnership event resulted in over 900 attendees
  • North London estate services: live web chat

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The Policy & Communications Review Group (PCRG)

Since launch in early 2019 this online group has contributed to the Residents’ Annual Report (link to report) and a‘Reviewed by Residents’ icon has been developed to indicate significant input into projects.

Recent reviews include:

  • Home decorating materials for new residents
  • Website development- accessibility and navigation
  • Estate inspections - approach and reporting

Network groups support the varied needs and expectations of our residents:

Clarion Ability Network (CAN) works alongside our staff CAN network to support residents with disabilities.

Current activities include:

  • Insight based Contact Centre training
  • Contributing to research on vulnerability and compassion
  • Evaluating Clarion Housing Group website accessibility

The Out & About network (LGBT+) are working towards Pledge Card Plus status by leading research projects into hate crime and homelessness.

An Allies project and online support platform are also in development.

Age-friendly communities: from young Ambassadors to over 55s

Clarion 55 has been set up by Clarion Futures to support the National Loneliness Agenda and needs of our ageing residents.

Initial priorities include:

  • Developing a tool kit for frontline staff
  • Creating an offer booklet – to raise awareness of our services and sign post to external organisations
  • Home share project - to assist ageing residents with spare rooms to rent
  • Intergeneration perception projects –with National Ambassadors to challenge perceptions of both generations.
  • Funding for a Clarion 55 Conference has been secured from Engie, a Clarion contractor.

National Ambassadors (Residents aged 16-24) are currently developing a youth friendly tool kit for all our Community Assets; and have held two local estate events - promoting sports engagement in Harlow and community centre activities in Bradford. Attracting c.200 young residents, four now attend regular football sessions.


Resident involvement is central to our approach, with activities at local, regional and national level all used to ensure continuous improvement of our service delivery, operations and strategy.

We look forward to sharing the outcomes of activities in the Resident Annual Report, later this year.

There are opportunities for all residents to engage with us, whatever your interests.