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Clarion Voice helps you have your say, get involved and connect with other residents.

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We’ve created Clarion Voice email to provide a simpler, more direct way for you to get involved, share your views and answer surveys. By signing up to our new Clarion Voice email, you’ll benefit from:

  • the ability to give direct feedback
  • no log in and no passwords
  • quarterly snapshot, providing news and updates
  • weekly email, including the opportunity to take part in surveys
  • the chance to win a £50 Love to Shop voucher in our monthly prize draw.

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resident scrutiny committee

Meet Bob – resident involvement

Bob is the “sort of guy who wants to get things done” and, over the last 20 years, he’s got things done for the local community and residents across the country.

Involved in as much as he can, for Bob neighbourliness is at the heart of his life: doing his bit on his estate to make it nicer for all who live there.

Bob is also active in supporting residents on a wider scale as a member of one of our regional resident scrutiny committees and our Out and About network. He sees his involvement as important to help Clarion improve efficiency and make a real difference.

“Residents are the boots on the ground, letting Clarion know what’s happening on the estates,” says Bob. “I like to keep busy and want to do whatever I can if it makes life better for residents.”

Find out more about Bob’s story