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Clarion Voice online community

Clarion Voice is our free social network where you can have your say and connect with other residents.

Joining Clarion Voice is an easy way for you to share your views, discuss ideas, connect with other residents, and improve your local services by sharing your feedback.

You can also take part in online polls, join discussion forums and find out about local resident engagement days and partnership days.

Helpful posts and handy tips

Once you register, you’ll be able to see posts about local events, engage with community news and discover useful tips on everything from saving money and DIY to jobs and training.

You’ll also see survey results posted on Clarion Voice, helping you see how your feedback really does make a difference.

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Getting involved is a good way to find out how the housing association works. And I thought the volunteering would be good to put on my cv.


Clarion resident

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