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Do Good Jan – help build community spirit


Join us in harnessing the community spirit that has come out of the coronavirus crisis.

In January, we’re getting involved in volunteering and social action through a fun campaign called: Do Good Jan – 12 Days of Resolutions.

Our Age-Friendly Communities team has put together simple, fun activities to encourage more people to get involved with volunteering and social action in their local communities.

It’s all about committing 12 days of January to social action and informal volunteering. These don’t have to be time-consuming or complicated, they can be doing things as simple as writing to a friend, donating to charity, giving food to a food bank, or checking on a neighbour.

You don’t have to do things on 12 consecutive days, just pick any 12 days in January.

Download our worksheet and poster of ideas (pdf) and get involved.

And you can share your Do Good Jan stories on social media:




By sharing our stories and views, we were able to help shift the perception of young people.


national ambassador

Meet national ambassador, Niomi 

“My journey really started when I found myself pregnant at 18. After some time living in a hostel, I managed to secure my first tenancy when my son was five months old.

“My mind has always been focused on helping improve the lives of young people, so I did community volunteering placements for various youth programmes.

“As a national ambassador, we were given an opportunity to help create more positive relationships between older and younger residents. By sharing our stories and views, we were able to help shift the perception of young people.

“Coming out the other side, being a national ambassador helped me better understand my purpose and decide exactly what I wanted to do while supporting others.”

Find out more about Niomi’s story