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Our response to Covid-19


Clarion are running a long-term study looking at how our residents are affected by Covid-19. We have interviewed over 700 residents, and will be going back to them four times in total over a year and half to track how things have changed for them. We have already published two reports on the findings.

These do make sobering reading in places, as some residents are really struggling – not just with their finances (though that is the case) but also with their health, work and social lives.

It’s vital we carry out this research because what we hear from residents helps inform our response to the ongoing crisis.

You can read how Clarion has been targeting our resources to best support residents in our latest short report, which shows how we have:

  • made more than 80,000 calls to check on the wellbeing of vulnerable and elderly residents since the start of the pandemic
  • helped more than 200 households that have been unable to pay their utility bills to obtain energy vouchers worth up to £100 each
  • given assistance to some 14,000 households suffering from food poverty
  • committed to take on more than 300 unemployed young people as part of the government’s Kickstart scheme, giving them support and training during their time with us.
If you have any questions about the research, or what we plan next, please contact us.

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