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Beware of scam callers


Residents have reported a rise in ‘scam’ calls by people pretending to be from Clarion or another organisation.

Scam phone calls commonly include:

  • Banks: claiming there’s a problem with your card or account
  • HMRC: claiming there is an issue with your tax refund or unpaid bill
  • Computer repair or phone provider: claiming there is a fault with your computer, internet or phone line
  • Welfare calls: pretending to be Clarion staff and asking for personal identity information
  • Callers pretending to collect payments for Clarion: asking for bank card details

Scammers can also visit your home pretending to be:

  • Contractors without an appointment: We always book repairs and gas visits ahead
  • Housing staff without identification:  All our staff carry ID

What to do:

Don’t reveal personal details and don’t feel rushed into making decisions.
Hang up or close the door if you feel harassed or intimidated.
Ring the organisation if you’re  unsure, but always find the number yourself.

If you get a call or visit from  Clarion and are unsure, ask for their name and call us to check on 0300 500 8000.

The safest way to pay us with a bank card is through the Clarion Housing website.

If you need to pay over the phone, our staff will ask residents to key their card details on their phone.

You should never read the card details over the phone to us.