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Resident celebrates extraordinary 93 years in her Clarion home


We recently celebrated the amazing 93rd year anniversary of Mrs Elaine Millington, a longstanding resident, who has lived in her Clarion home in Stoke on Trent since 1929.

To commemorate this significant occasion, Regional Director John Ferman and the regional housing team visited Mrs Millington’s home in Trent Vale to present her with gifts, including a commemorative vase and a hand-written letter from the Group Chief Executive, Clare Miller.

Mrs Millington moved into the then William Sutton Trust property with her parents and seven siblings when she was just two days old in 1929. Since then, three generations of her family have called the property their home. Mrs Millington herself has raised her two children in the three-bedroom house, and has seen them now having families and homes of their own.

In the 93 years, the only point Mrs Millington remembers not living in her home is for a six-week period when essential works were completed to modernise the property, more than 30 years ago. She has many fond memories of the life she has had in the house and still takes pleasure in her garden.

Now in the elderly stage of her life, she has expressed how much the housing teams over the decades have provided support to her parents, her children and herself at different stages throughout her life. Most recently, they helped with the installation of a stair lift in her home and other adaptions to help with her reduced mobility, allowing her to continue being comfortable in the property.

Mrs Millington, said: “I am so grateful for my home and I am very aware of the massive part it has played in my life. I am very happy in my home where I grew up with my parents and siblings, and was able to raise a family of my own. There are so many happy memories here and I still enjoy the community.

“One of the great things is that my landlord Clarion, formerly Sutton Trust, has always been there to support us throughout the 93 years. Everyone needs a safe and afford place that they can call home. This is something that has not changed over all these years.”

John Ferman, Regional Director at Clarion, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating this great milestone with Mrs Millington, which shows that having a safe and comfortable property to call home has made a difference to generations of her family.

“A home is a vital platform upon which lives are built and it is so warming to hear how Mrs Millington’s family put down roots in this home.”