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Energy Bill Relief Scheme for residents


Discount from the government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme (ERBS) for any gas or electric, we purchased between 1st October 2022 and 31st March 2023.

Where we are receiving the EBRS discount for any energy we have purchased, we will be passing this discount on to our residents.

If we have billed you for this in your service charge, this will be applied and shown with your actual bills in September 2023.

If we billed you for this through metering and billing, your tariff will be reviewed to include this discount. You will then be contacted regarding the change.

If you live in a building we do not manage directly, the building’s management will need to pass this discount on to you.

We are contacting all our managing agents to ensure they are aware of this discount. In some cases, the building manager may write to you directly with information about savings.

Find out details of how the discount is calculated.

If you do not agree that this amount is just and reasonable, or you think you should have received a discount, raise this with your landlord or heat provider in the first instance.

If you are still unhappy with the amount of discount passed on to you, and you have reason to believe that the pass-through requirements in the Energy Bill Relief Scheme Pass-through Requirement (Heat Suppliers) (England and Wales and Scotland) Regulations 2022 have not been met, you can raise a complaint with the Energy Ombudsman.

You can find more details on raising a complaint at the Energy Ombudsman’s website.

Under the Energy Prices Act 2022, you can pursue recovery of the pass-through amount to which you are entitled as a civil debt if you have not received it by the time your next bill is issued.

Further information

The EBRS is not to be confused with the £400 energy price guarantee, which applies to the energy you consume within your home , and is billed by the utility provider directly.

For queries, please read our FAQ's.

If you still require more information, you can email us at