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Help with bills

Get better deals and practical help to save money on the cost of running your home.

Reducing your utility bills

There are a number of ways you can control your energy costs, and a variety of schemes to help you.

Remember, gas and electricity are priority bills – if you don’t pay them, you run the risk of your gas or electricity being cut off by your supplier.

If you are struggling and use a prepayment meter, your energy supplier may be able to provide short-term emergency top-ups.

Government energy and heating discounts

The government offers a range of schemes to help with your energy bills.

Warm home discount

The warm home discount is a credit of up to £140 added to your electricity account if you get pension credit, or have a low income.

Winter fuel payments

Winter fuel payments help older people with their heating bills and can be worth up to £300.

Cold weather payments

Cold weather payments are for eligible claimants during periods of cold winter weather.

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Switching gas or electricity suppliers

With the current uncertainty in the energy market, it’s probably best to stay on your existing energy deal.

You can check with your supplier if you’re on their cheapest deal, but switching suppliers is unlikely to get you a better deal at the moment.

We’ll continue to update this advice as we know more.

Water bills

Water costs make up a big part of your energy bills. For instance, if you use gas heating, 15% of that bill will be due to water.

Get a water meter

Getting a water meter fitted is free. The meters measure how much water you use, so you only pay for what you use. Your water company can advise you if a water meter is right for your home.

Get help from your water supplier

Water companies offer help for customers with specific needs, including cheaper rates if you’re on a low income, or getting priority water if mains supplies are disrupted.

If you already have a water meter, but are using lots of water because you have three or more children or a medical condition, you can ask your water company to join a WaterSure scheme. This caps your bills, regardless of how much water you use.

Other ways to get help

If you’re on a low income or claiming benefits, you might be entitled to other help like council tax support, help with health costs and free school meals. 

The independent Money Helper website has a simple online budget planner that can be really helpful. It shows what you can afford and how you might be able to save money.

Money Helper budget planner

Help for vulnerable residents

If you’re a vulnerable resident, you might be entitled to additional help.

Priority services registers

Your utility supplier can add you to a confidential register for vulnerable people. This means you can get additional help, especially in an emergency.

This might include having meter readings taken on your behalf, ensuring prepayment meters are easy to access, and receiving priority help in a power cut.

Living with cancer and paying bills

If someone in your home is living with cancer, you can get advice on accessing energy schemes and financial grants from Macmillan Cancer Support.

Find out more on the Macmillan Cancer Support website