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Help with bills

Get better deals and practical help to save money on the cost of running your home.

Reducing your utility bills

Take a look below for our tips and advice on how to reduce your home's utility bills.

Gas and electricity 

  • regularly check with your supplier that you are on the best available deal
  • switch tariff or supplier to save money by using a comparison site recommended by Ofgem
  • take regular meter readings to see how much gas and electricity you use, and consider a smart meter to see daily costs
  • if you are older, have young children, or have a health condition or disability, ask to go onto the priority services register with your supplier.

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  • find out if your water company offers a reduced tariff for low-income households, this could reduce your bills by up to 90%
  • use the water meter calculator to see if you would be better off getting a water meter installed.

Phone, internet, and TV packages

  • use a comparison site to check you are on the cheapest deal, compare alternative deals, and find the best offers.
  • review your package regularly, only pay for what you need, and cancel old subscriptions
  • know that most broadband providers offer social tariffs for people on benefits.


  • food banks and food pantries typically operate on a membership basis, but can provide emergency help if you get in touch
  • you can find your nearest foodbank through
  • many councils have schemes to help low-income households, and your local council's website should have information on the support in your area.

I don't think I would have been able to do this on my own, but Clarion were there to help me.


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Get help from our charitable foundation

Clarion Futures is our charitable foundation and can help you in lots of different ways. We offer support in many areas, such as:

  • money and household bills
  • jobs, apprenticeships, and training
  • digital skills
  • mental health and wellbeing.

Find out more about Clarion Futures

Switching gas or electricity suppliers

It’s important to regularly check with your supplier that you are on the best available deal. If you’re not, use a comparison site recommended by Ofgem to switch tariff or supplier.

Water bills

Water costs make up a big part of your energy bills. For example, if you use gas heating, 15% of that bill will be due to water.

Get a water meter

Getting a water meter fitted is free. The meter will measure how much water you use, so you only pay for that amount.

Your water company can advise you if a water meter is right for your home.

Get help from your water supplier

Water companies offer help for customers with specific needs, including cheaper rates if you’re on a low income or you need to get priority water because your mains are disrupted.

If you already have a meter, but are using lots of water because you have three or more children or a medical condition, you can ask your water company to join a WaterSure scheme. This caps your bills, no matter how much water you us.

Other ways to get help

If you’re on a low income or claiming benefits, you may be entitled to things like council tax support, help with health costs, or free school meals. Click on the links below to find out:

The independent Money Helper website has a simple online budget planner that can be really helpful. It shows what you can afford and how you may be able to save money.

Money Helper budget planner

Help for vulnerable residents

If you’re a vulnerable resident, you might be entitled to additional help.

Priority services registers

Your utility supplier can add you to a confidential register for vulnerable people. This means you can get additional help, especially in an emergency.

This may include having meter readings taken on your behalf, ensuring prepayment meters are easy to access, and getting priority help in a power cut.

Living with cancer and paying bills

If someone in your home is living with cancer, you can get advice on accessing energy schemes and financial grants from Macmillian Cancer Support.

Get support from Clarion Futures

To get support with any of the areas mentioned above, submit a contact form and one of our Clarion Futures support team will be in touch.

Before you complete the form, please note that:

  • you must be a Clarion resident
  • Clarion Futures is unable to answer questions about Housing Benefit, rent changes, and repairs.