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Live in Birmingham? Upskill your digital knowhow with a free course

Clarion Housing

In today’s technology-driven age, having digital skills is essential to thrive in life and work. However, if you are just starting out or lack confidence, it can be a daunting place.

If you are a Birmingham resident, you are invited to attend a course specially designed to help you learn new skills and expand your knowledge, so you can get the best out of digital safely and with confidence.

The course takes place every Thursday at Hawkesley Community Centre in Birmingham and is provided by WEA in partnership with Clarion Futures and Age Concern. It comprises of four sessions to develop your skills and grow your confidence and is free to those who receive work-related benefits. If you do not, Clarion Futures can help support you with funding for the course.

Helping to take the trouble out of tech

Starting with the basics, you will master using a laptop for the first time, use Word to create documents, set up an email account, learn how to attach files, use Jobcentre journals, and much more. You will then be guided through a series of levels as you master more skills, before progressing onto planning for your future and employability. There is an option to join a course of your choice and skip the beginners level depending on your skills.

While on the course, you will receive a free meal and bus pass, all funded by Clarion Futures.

Please see the course schedule below:

Session One - Beginners Level

Thursday, 13 July - Thursday, 10 August

Session Two - Intermediate Level

Thursday, 17 August - Thursday, 14 September

Session Three - Advanced Level

Thursday, 21 September - Thursday, 19 October

Session Four - Planning for your future - employability

Thursday, 26 October - Thursday, 23 November

Before you start the course, you will be asked to complete an assessment, so we can see what level you are at and ensure you join the right course for you. To enrol, you will need to bring a proof of ID, for example, a current passport or driving licence, utility bill or Jobcentre letter (dated in the last three months).

For more information, please contact Zoe Lee from Clarion Futures on 07712 690510 or email