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Resident involvement successes

Every year our residents share their views and help us to improve our services through a range of involvement opportunities, from local and online schemes to regional or national groups.

Impact of resident involvement 

It’s vital we work with residents so they can help shape and influence our services in order for us to continue to improve communities and provide quality homes. Our 2020-21 Impact Assessment report will explain how we have done this and what outcomes we have seen as a result. We offer full, transparent and consistent engagement. In 2020-21, 823 residents signed up to be involved at Clarion, with an additional 7199 residents involved in local consultations. In addition, more than 700 residents contribute through our online community Clarion Voice, an e-mail platform where residents feedback on consultations and surveys. You can find out more about the positive, local and national impact of resident involvement activities in this year’s impact assessment, including:

  • National antisocial behaviour project group and mediation
  • Out & About; our LGBT+ residents hate crime project
  • A variety of projects and policies which residents impacted.

Download: Resident Involvement Impact Assessment 2020-21 (pdf)

Regional scrutiny committees 

In 2019/20 all five regions carried out scrutiny reviews, looking at a range of issues in key service areas. Recommendations put forward were agreed by the Heads of Service and noted by the Housing Association Board. Delivery of actions and outcomes is monitored regularly by the Senior Management Team and Housing Association Board.

1. Improving communications with residents 

This was looked into as residents had stated that “some people felt isolated and that the human aspect of living in a housing association home had gone and some felt disconnected from their landlord.” 

Among the changes being made in this area, Clarion Voice – our dedicated online forum for residents – has been relaunched as a more dynamic, engaging and social platform, featuring local and national news and advice. 

2. Improving customer satisfaction 

The effectiveness of customer satisfaction surveys was investigated to ensure they were reaching a representative sample of residents. We also looked at what was being done with the data to drive service improvement. 

As a result, quarterly surveys will now be communicated more broadly to residents using our website and digital platforms. 

The best way of letting Clarion know is to become involved. It doesn’t cost anything except time, and you can give as much as you want.


resident scrutiny committee

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3. Fire safety in blocks of six storeys and under 

This area was selected in light of concerns arising from the Grenfell Tower fire and taking into consideration the subsequent Building a Safer Future report. 

Among the committee’s recommendations is for information on vulnerable residents to be made available to the emergency services. Regular fire safety awareness bulletins, together with a reminder of Clarion’s fire safety mission statement, are also being circulated to residents. 

4. Empty property standards 

This was looked at following feedback about sub-standard work to empty (void) properties designed to bring them up to standard for incoming tenants to view. The condition of empty properties was also given as a reason for refusing properties by a number of applicants. 

Following its investigations, the committee suggested developing a visual standard for incoming tenants which is now in the process of being implemented. 

See the full list of recommendations and our responses in our resident scrutiny report for 2018-19. 

Download: Resident Scrutiny Report 2019-20 (pdf)

How residents improved our antisocial behaviour information 

In 2019, we improved the antisocial behaviour information on our website after our service improvement group looked at how people find information and report problems.  

By working with Clarion’s digital team, they investigated how people think, feel and behave when they’re worried about antisocial behaviour.  

The improvements made our advice clearer and led to the creation of a new reporting form. We followed this up with a social media campaign that highlighted the different types of support and advice we can provide.