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Sherwood Close, London

Take a look at the new neighbourhood we’re creating in collaboration with local residents, in West Ealing, London.

A view from a playground of a residential building complex in Sherwood Close, West Ealing. It features balconies and lush, green grass.

Sherwood Close is a mixed-tenure neighbourhood, featuring community facilities and spacious homes.

Residents, neighbours, local stakeholders, and Ealing council were all involved in the design stage, helping to create a vibrant community.   

Residents have already moved into the first 71 homes with the construction of a further 139 homes on track. It will provide:

  • high-quality homes for new and existing residents
  • tree-lined avenues, communal courtyards, and private gardens
  • play areas and private spaces
  • transport links to shops and transport connections. 


What you can expect

Clarion residents are being rehoused according to need, with larger homes reserved for overcrowded families and, in some cases, adult children getting their own home. Existing residents are being rehoused first, and everyone can expect:

  • each home to be at least the same size as the one it replaces
  • every home to have private outdoor space
  • all social rented homes to be replaced
  • payments to cover the costs of moving and settling in. 


About Sherwood Close

Sherwood Close is a 1970s estate owned by Ealing council. In 2008, the council identified that major works were needed to bring the estate and its 209 homes up to the Government’s Decent Homes Standard. The estate had a lack of family-sized homes, as well as problems with poorly lit corridors and antisocial behaviour.