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moving out truck and boxes

What to do on the day you move out

Returning your keys

The best way to return your keys to us is usually by leaving them in a key safe which will be fitted to your property. However, we’ll confirm this with you before your moving out date.

Once you’ve left, be sure to let us know and that the property is fully locked and ready for us to enter.

Important: you will continue to be charged rent until you tell us that you have left the property.

Who to notify

There are a lot of things to think about when you move home. The list below gives you an idea of the people you may need to tell about your move:

  • post office as we won’t be able to forward post to your new address, so you may want to set up a post forwarding service via Royal Mail or by visiting your local post office
  • local council to share your new council tax details
  • Government to update any Universal Credit or benefit claims
  • utility companies to close or update your supplies like gas, electric, water, and broadband. Remember to take the final meter readings and share them with your suppliers
  • banks, building societies, and insurance companies
  • local services such as schools, doctors, and dentists
  • employers.

Avoiding unnecessary costs

Moving home can be expensive, so to help avoid any unnecessary additional costs take a look at the list below:

  • tell us you have moved out to avoid you being charged rent for longer than is needed
  • return all your keys and fobs to avoid charges for replacements and lock changes
  • complete any repairs that you are responsible for
  • clear the property (unless agreed otherwise) removing:
    • - carpets, flooring, and curtains
    • - furniture
    • - personal belongings
    • - garden items
    • - rubbish
  • clean the property to avoid professional cleaning costs.