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What to do before you move out

Important information

We will come and visit you before you move out so we can answer any questions you may have and take a look at the property.

If there are any repairs that need doing which you’re responsible for, we recommend getting them sorted before moving out otherwise you could get charged.

Your home - including gardens, sheds, and outbuildings - will need to be completely clean and clear of your personal items when you leave. You can gift items that work and have been cleaned, like furniture or white goods, to a new tenant moving into the property. However, you need to agree this with us beforehand.

Clearing your home

Unless agreed otherwise, you must remove the following items before moving out:

  • carpets, flooring and curtains
  • furniture
  • personal belongings
  • garden items
  • rubbish.

How to clear household items

If you don’t remove these things you may be charged for the cost of clearing them.

Start thinking about what you would like to get rid of well before you move out. There are a range of ways to clear items without throwing them away:

  • sell online using websites like Facebook, Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay
  • donate to charity by checking your local area to see which shops are near you. Some may even collect items from your home
  • recycle if items can’t be sold or donated. Alternatively, there are recycling companies that offer a pickup service like Eco Rubbish Clearance or AO
  • ask your council as some will dispose of large, bulky items. If you need to leave an item outside to be picked up, attach a note with important information like a collection reference number.

When clearing items, it is important to get rid of them properly and not fly-tip. It is a criminal offence to dump waste items and you could be prosecuted if found guilty.

Removals and storage

It’s always best to plan how you’ll move items out of your home so you won’t be left stressed on the day of your move.

You may be able to get help from family or friends, or you may need to hire a removal company. Be sure to organise this in advance and ahead of the day you want to return the keys to us.

If your new home isn’t ready, you could consider renting a storage unit to keep your items.

Cleaning your home

Your home needs to be clean on the day you move out. If you’re unable to clean it yourself, you should arrange for someone else to clean it for you. If it’s not clean when you hand it back to us, you may be recharged for the cost of cleaning it.