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Energy efficiency and insulation

Loft and cavity wall insulation

Clarion is committed to improving the energy ratings of all our homes and we are keen to ensure that all our properties have insulated lofts and cavities.

If you don’t think your home has sufficient loft insulation (at least 150mm) or cavity wall insulation, please contact us. It's important to note that the way properties are constructed differs greatly, so cavity wall insulation may not be possible in all homes.

Customers may be approached by insulation or energy companies offering discounted loft or cavity wall insulation. However, it's important that only Clarion’s agreed contractors carry out this insulation work to ensure we can provide a consistent high level of work and customer service. So please get in touch if you think your home lacks adequate insulation.

Solid wall insulation

Solid wall properties are far harder to insulate than cavity wall properties as they require insulation to be fixed to the outside or inside of the walls. If you have any questions about solid wall insulation, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions