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Closeup of old tiles being removed from a wall with a crowbar and claw hammer as part of our planned improvement work

Planned home improvements

See how we can improve your homes, buildings and communal areas.

In 2021-22, we spent £111.5m improving homes, communal areas and residential blocks.

Improvements carried out include:

  • installing new kitchens and bathrooms
  • upgrading heating systems
  • decorating communal areas and exteriors
  • replacing windows
  • fitting new external doors
  • replacing roofs.

We also take on larger projects, like making buildings more energy-efficient, and improving or replacing communal facilities, such as lifts.

For day-to-day repairs, you can request a repair


The safety of residents and staff is our highest priority. We’re continuing to take every step possible to ensure the health and safety of everyone we come into contact with, including residents, staff, suppliers and the community. 

Find out more in our planned investment Covid-19 statement

Planned improvement highlights: 2021-22

Our overall resident satisfaction was 82.7%.

1,774 new kitchens

1,472 new bathrooms

2,374 heating upgrades

940roof renewals

3,906new windows and doors

1,559external and communal decorating

316electrical upgrades

How planned improvement projects work

If we’re planning to improve your home, we’ll contact you in advance and let you know our proposal. If you’re a leaseholder we have a legal requirement to consult with you about the extent of the work, the likely cost involved, the proposed contractors, and to answer any queries or concerns you have about the proposed work.

You’ll be given contact details for your resident liaison officer and site team before any work starts. Your resident liaison officer will visit you beforehand to answer any questions, discuss any special needs you have and let you know when the work will be carried out. They’ll also contact you periodically during the works to make sure everything is going smoothly and answer any additional questions or concerns you might have.

You may not get the same work done as your neighbours, as works vary from property to property according to age and condition. If something in your home needs to be repaired, you can request a repair.

Contractor site rules

The contractors we use to carry out improvements are required to follow our site rules [pdf].


Planned improvement FAQs