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Making a complaint

We accept a complaint unless there is a valid reason not to and provide full justification for either outcome. If a complaint is rejected, we provide a detailed explanation of why the matter is not suitable for our complaints process. We'll also give you full details on your right to escalate to the Housing Ombudsman.

Important note: Further to the cyber-security incident in June 2022 Clarion implemented an interim complaints policy. As of 1 April 2024, and in line with the new Housing Ombudsman Code, a new complaints policy will be implemented and will be available to view on this page. At this stage, the interim complaints policy will be removed.

What is a complaint?

The official definition of a housing complaint is the expression of dissatisfaction with:

  • the standard of service
  • actions or lack of action by the organisation
  • Clarion staff, or those acting on its behalf
  • issues affecting an individual resident or group of residents

As a customer, you do not need to use the word ‘complaint’ for it to qualify as one. Any complaint submitted via a third party or representative will still be handled in line with our complaints policy.

What is not defined a complaint?

There are several areas that are not covered by our complaints policy. They include:

A first time customer enquiry.

It's important Clarion has an opportunity to provide a response or resolve our customers’ issues. 

Matters already managed at determination stage by the Ombudsman service.

You do not need to raise a new complaint directly with us if you have raised this complaint with the Ombudsman service.

Where we are advised that legal proceedings have been issued.

This means details of the claim are already filed with a court. For example, Claims Forms.

Complaints about another resident or residents.

Please use the Neighbourhood Housing Team for advice on disputes with neighbours.

If your issue relates to anti-social behaviour, we'll manage this with our Anti-Social Behaviour process.

Issues related to another procedure.

An issue with a decision we have made where there is another procedure to appeal the decision. This includes a dispute about service charge or succession of tenancy.

Feedback about our policies and procedures from customers or other parties is recorded and forms part of future reviews.

Survey feedback may not be treated as a complaint. Where possible, the person completing the survey should be made aware of how they can share their dissatisfaction as a complaint.

Any complaint closed over six months ago

The exception to this is if a complaint relates to issues with:

  • an ongoing complaint, including anti-social behaviour, damp or mould
  • an MP or Ombudsman have asked us to review the complaint
  • there is valid reason for delay on either side

Repairs and maintenance complaints

If you’ve raised a repair by telephone, you may have questions about the status of your repair.

You can check the status of your repair quickly and easily using your online account. Using your online account, you can also change and cancel appointments for repairs. Find out more about tracking your repairs by clicking the ‘Checking your repair status’ button below.

Checking your repair status 

How to make a complaint

The easiest way to report your complaint is to click the ‘Make a complaint’ button below. We’ll ask for details of your complaint – please provide as much detail as possible.

Make a complaint

If you’d like to speak to us further about your complaint or if you’d like more information about our solutions, please call us on 0300 500 8000 or contact us via Live Chat.

Our team is available from 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday (10am - 5pm on Wednesdays).

Correspondence to Clarion executives, board members, press office and social media

Correspondence addressed to Clarion Housing Executives, Board Members the Press Office or Social Media will be directed to the appropriate team. Where the contact relates to dissatisfaction, the issue will be investigated as a new complaint or included as further information in a complaint that is already being investigated.

*Please note we advise our customers to send correspondence to our central contact channels. This helps us to understand volumes and identify trends. Correspondence to Clarion’s Executives and Board members may take longer to filter to the correct place. This may result in response delays.

A complaint made in the form of a petition on behalf of multiple customers will be treated as one complaint. Interactions and correspondence will be directed to the nominated signatory.