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A man gives a smiling couple the keys to their new home

Homefinder UK

Homefinder UK is a scheme that matches people looking for social housing with available homes.

Through the Homefinder UK website, you can find available social housing across the UK, including homes with wheelchair access and retirement or sheltered housing.

The Homefinder UK scheme helps:

  • homeless households or those threatened with homelessness
  • people living in temporary accommodation
  • victims of abuse or violence
  • people whose circumstances have changed
  • members of overcrowded households.

How Homefinder UK works

To be eligible for the Homefinder UK scheme, you must be willing to move to another part of the country if needed.

1. Registration

First, register on the Homefinder UK website. Once your registration is verified, you’ll get a user ID and PIN number.

2. Bid for a home

Once registered, you can bid for homes on the website. You can only bid for homes you’re entitled to. For example, you can’t bid for a three-bedroom home if you’re only entitled to a two-bedroom home.

3. Shortlisting and viewings

Bids for homes are put on a shortlist. If your bid is on the shortlist, you’ll be contacted to arrange a viewing. Because demand for homes is high, you’ll usually have to decide fairly quickly if you want to take the property.

You can find full details about the registration process and how to bid for homes on the Homefinder UK website.

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REVIVE: domestic abuse relocation service

If you’re moving home because of domestic abuse or violence, Homefinder UK’s REVIVE team can help.

They’ll help you find a home, organise your move, share details about support networks, and help you feel settled.