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Blaze a trail as a Clarion national ambassador

Clarion Housing

We’re once again looking for a fresh team of young people to join our award-winning National Ambassador Programme.

If you’re aged 17-25 and passionate about ensuring young people’s voices are heard at a national level, then this could be the opportunity for you.

Not only will you be able to influence services for you and your peers, boost your confidence and make new friends but, in return, you’ll gain valuable skills in leadership and working as part of a team.

Through personal development plans and mentoring, we encourage and maximise the rich potential of our young residents, harnessing their passions, talents and insight to help improve our services and create positive change.

We’ve recruited more than 55 young people on to the scheme since 2012 and our ambassadors have made a substantial contribution – providing a bridge between young people and those who make the decisions at the organisation. By designing and delivering social action projects on a local and national level, they continue to make a tangible impact – from building apps and websites to organising events and helping shape policies.

As a national ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • a wide variety of training and support
  • paid travel and out-of-pocket expenses
  • experience in events, project management, media skills and team working.

To apply, simply complete the online application form by Friday 30 November.

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By sharing our stories and views, we were able to help shift the perception of young people.


national ambassador

Meet national ambassador, Niomi 

“My journey really started when I found myself pregnant at 18. After some time living in a hostel, I managed to secure my first tenancy when my son was five months old.

“My mind has always been focused on helping improve the lives of young people, so I did community volunteering placements for various youth programmes.

“As a national ambassador, we were given an opportunity to help create more positive relationships between older and younger residents. By sharing our stories and views, we were able to help shift the perception of young people.

“Coming out the other side, being a national ambassador helped me better understand my purpose and decide exactly what I wanted to do while supporting others.”

Find out more about Niomi’s story