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Inspiring garden projects


Many of our LiveSmart residents enjoy gardening. Here we share two projects at schemes in the region:

Creating a communal haven

Residents of a LiveSmart scheme in Whittlesey, spent the pandemic transforming an overgrown space into a vibrant communal garden. Residents Julie and Karen led the project. “It took over a year of hard work, cutting back the trees to the fence, re-seeding the grass, creating borders, adding pots, ornaments and lights…We feel proud of ourselves with what we have achieved.”

With seating and bird feeders alongside the planting, all the residents and their visitors can enjoy the space. Moreover, thanks to these wonderful photos, readers can enjoy this lovely garden.

Growing their own

At Roundhaye in Hertfordshire, residents spent the summer creating a vegetable garden. LiveSmart Manager, Debbie, explains: “I asked the residents if there was anything they would like to use the area for and between us we came up with the idea for a residents’ garden to grow their own vegetables.

“The beds are raised for easy access and it's a great improvement on a bare patch of grass. We have some funds from Clarion Futures to buy equipment, and residents have already planted potatoes, squash, and pumpkins."

This article was featured in Your Clarion, our residents' magazine.

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