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Large Estates Allocation Fund in Merton


Our Large Estates Allocation Fund, known as LEAF, is back and we would love to hear from you.

As you know LEAF is an opportunity for residents to have a say about how funds allocated to your neighbourhood could be spent.

In addition to this message, we have written to you asking you to vote on how the allocated funds should be spent.

If you have already voted, no further action is required on your part.

You can vote by logging on to your online account; using the QR code at the bottom of the letter we sent you.

Alternatively, you can complete and return the form attached to the letter, using the prepaid envelope enclosed. It's one vote per household, which must include the residents’ name and address.

Voting should take around five minutes to complete. The closing date for this ballot is Friday 25 August 2023.

LEAF has previously funded a variety of projects, such as bike racks, youth activities, resident activities, refurbishment of car parks, garden projects, and much more.

A high number of suggestions proposed were repair and maintenance issues and therefore did not meet the criteria of LEAF.

We are carrying forward resident suggestions from 2022, which did not get majority preference in last year’s resident ballot.

We are also including suggestions proposed by Clarion staff, residents and elected councillors at estate inspections.

There is no additional charge to Leaseholders, Tenants or Freeholders for the initial provision/installation of improvements or activities provided under LEAF.

Once we have counted the ballot responses, we will inform you which project(s) will be taken forward.

For assistance completing the form, please contact the South London Resident Involvement Team at or call Sandra Annansingh 0300 500 8000.