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Working together to make a difference for residents in Brent


Working closely with residents of an estate in Brent, North London to develop a targeted action plan has resolved a range of issues, thanks to the efforts of the residents association to coordinate concerns.

Our first step was to invite all residents to a Teams meeting to share the issues affecting them so we could develop an action plan focusing on their specific concerns. These relate to key areas:
  • Parking
  • Repairs
  • Anti-social behavior (ASB)
  • Estate services
  • Grounds maintenance

The action plan sets out our commitments to this estate.

We share updates with residents at monthly meetings, along with regular communications to encourage feedback and involvement.

"The Action Plan is centered around our customers' specific issues and concerns. Through consultation we have successfully introduced CCTV, parking enforcement, a new grounds maintenance service and pigeon proofing measures on the estate. There is still work to be done and we remain committed to working with our residents and relevant external statutory partners and agencies to make a difference here"

Jaya, Neighbourhood Response Manager

Since the first meeting in December, we have resolved a number of issues - such as replacing the grounds maintenance contractor, and reviewing estate services. Consulting with residents on parking enforcement resulted in us introducing a range of enforcement measures including CCTV, and residents already report improvements.

While some issues can be resolved with consultation, and measures implemented promptly, others, such as those relating to anti-social behaviour (ASB) progress is more gradual, and involve ongoing efforts. We have been working closely with the Police on various ASB concerns, and a recent walkabout resulted in them increasing their patrols in and around the estate.

We are continuously monitoring progress in this area and working with external agencies and partners to make further improvements.

The action plan involves a number of teams across Clarion, external agencies, and most importantly, residents. By working together with residents to address their concerns, can bring real results, along with a better chance of maintaining improvements, to make a lasting difference.

Thomas, part of the local resident group, confirmed that

"residents have been working closely with Clarion for almost year and in the course of that work Clarion has recognised their concerns and has been working with other stakeholders in response" and noted that

"the Neighbourhood Response officer, has been regularly on site and has been updating residents on measures taken"