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Showcasing young residents voices in Walthamstow through music


We've partnered with the Digital Story Company to introduce a Community Ambassador Programme in Walthamstow, spotlighting the voices and aspirations of our youth residents.

As part of Clarion Futures' national youth initiative focusing on Youth Social Action, we’ve produced two hip-hop videos, each highlighting the dreams and aspirations of the local youth.

The Future You Want

The first project centred around the Priory Court Estate in Waltham Forest, where we’re one of two major landlords, alongside the Borough Council.

The project culminated in the creation of a compelling hip-hop video titled "The Future You Want," crafted by young individuals from the estate in collaboration with local businesses.

Last summer, the film premiered at a special launch event on the estate, garnering significant attention and praise.

Where We Live

Building on the success of the initial endeavor, we extended our partnership with the Digital Story Company to implement a second Community Ambassadors Programme, this time at Banbury Park.

The Digital Story Company excelled in engaging and collaborating with local youth and residents to produce another impactful hip-hop film.

Titled "Where We Live," this latest project is a spoken word narrative reflecting the experiences of young people residing in Waltham Forest.

It incorporates animations of young individuals crafting and utilising avatars of themselves, inspired by anime.

The film premiered at a screening held at Walthamstow Town Hall in February 2024 and has since been met with enthusiastic reception from both local residents and the Borough Council.

Mark Rogers, Community Investment Officer, said: “Working with Kate and the Digital Story Company has been an amazing experience.

"Kate's passion and dedication to collaborating with local communities are truly commendable. Their team's talent in guiding the direction, filming, editing, musical and lyrical composition has resulted in these films being outstanding projects."