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The projects helping residents embrace nature and revitalise their community


Creating thriving green spaces and a community garden where nature and residents can flourish side-by-side is at the heart of two resident-focused projects blossoming in Southwark, London.

Green-fingered residents have been working together with Clarion Futures and partner, Urban Growth - a social enterprise working to make London greener and healthier - on the Royal Road Community Garden Project, sprucing up outside areas and creating a haven for nature.

As part of Clarion’s Nature Recovery Strategy, which is already making strides in improving green spaces for our existing communities and delivering planet-friendly homes, the first project kicked off last summer with the creation of a community garden. Inspiring budding gardeners, a popular gardening club was also introduced, located in the centre courtyard of the area.

With the aim of enhancing nature in the community, the Royal Road Rewilding Project was launched in the autumn, starting with a hands-on ‘planting party’ where residents were invited to plant seasonal bulbs and wildflower turf.

Enriching nature and resident wellbeing side-by-side

Furthermore, not only does the initiative set out to enrich biodiversity, but it also aims to improve residents’ health and wellbeing through connection with nature and wildlife.

The two projects will continue throughout spring and summer this year, offering multiple opportunities for residents to participate in creating and caring for these revitalised spaces.

Susan Clinton, Head of Housing at Clarion, said: “In addition to all the biodiversity benefits the rewilding and gardening club projects at Royal Road have achieved, this work has been pivotal to building improved community cohesion on the estate.

“It has been impressive to see the quality of fresh produce grown and harvested by residents, right on their doorstep.”

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