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Eastfields regeneration

Explore the 800 new homes and vibrant community being created by our regeneration of Eastfields in Merton.

The redevelopment in Eastfields will create 800 new homes and enhance the local area with new retail, leisure, office and community spaces.  

Eastfields is part of our £1bn Merton Regeneration Project, creating 2,800 homes: replacing 1,000 existing homes and building 1,800 new homes.  

  • 800 new flats, maisonettes and terrace houses.
  • Central green space with tree-lined streets and areas. 
  • Improved access to surrounding areas and facilities.
  • Overcrowding reduced by rehousing residents according to needs. 

Design proposals

We consulted with residents about restarting the planning application for phase one of Eastfields and the first 198 new homes this summer. These will include houses, flats and maisonettes. Some will be for Clarion tenants and others for resident homeowners who have chosen to stay on Eastfields.

A consultation booklet was sent to residents with details of the layouts of the new homes; green spaces and play areas; the materials we plan to use; and some of the fittings for the new homes. These have all been developed following feedback from residents and input from the Council’s planning officers.

Explore the new Eastfields 

Eastfields will be regenerated to enhance living standards in the area, retaining and improving central green space with lots of trees. A ball court and park will provide space for games.  

Safety will be improved by combining traditional streets with front gardens to create safer routes and improve access.  

There will be new street connections between Mulholland Close and Acacia Road, and traffic calming between Woodstock Way and Tamworth Lane. New retail space on Acacia Road will provide space for shops and cafes. 

What you can expect

  • Private garden, balcony or terrace for each home.
  • Improved safety, access, parking and bin storage.
  • Better insulated homes and energy efficiency.
  • Communal courtyards and dedicated play areas for children.
  • Accessible, adaptable homes in line with the Lifetime Homes Standard. 


The one and two-bedroom flats are flexible and spacious, with dedicated space for utilities giving you more space for your family. Each flat will enjoy its own private garden, balcony or terrace. 


Maisonettes will have two or three bedrooms. Each will enjoy its own private outside space. These homes are perfect for families with children.

Mews houses and terrace houses 

There will be a range of three-bedroom mews houses and terrace houses at Eastfields. All of these homes are spacious and modern inside, and all of them enjoy their own private outside space. These homes are perfect for families with children. 

Young People’s Grant Fund

Find out how you can get a grant of up to £5,000 for a project to help improve the community in Merton.  

The Merton Community Panel provides grants for local projects. The first grant programme is the Young People’s Grant Fund for organisations delivering projects in Merton for people 25 and under. Projects should:  

  • provide opportunities and positive activities for young people
  • develop confidence, resilience and leadership skills 
  • improve access to training and educational activities
  • enhance perceptions of young people.  

Applications for this year are now on hold, but will reopen soon. For more information, please email our team.  

Email now 

Consultations with residents

Eastfields residents took part in an independent survey in July 2015 about regeneration, the plans and the residents offer with the views of 218 residents being collected (51% response rate). 60% of resident households agreed the regeneration would be good for them (23% disagree); 69% agreed it would be good for Eastfields (17% disagreed). 

Download: Merton Regeneration Project Resident Survey (pdf) 

Your individual needs 

Over the last few years, we’ve listened carefully to what our residents have said about their new Eastfields homes to help us shape our regeneration. However, if you or your family’s needs have changed, please contact us