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Ravensbury regeneration

Discover the leafy, pedestrian-friendly new neighbourhood we’re creating in collaboration with local residents in Ravensbury in Merton.

Ravensbury is a community-focused neighbourhood with tree-lined streets, a village feel and homes to suit everyone.    

Ravensbury is part of our £1bn Merton Regeneration Project creating 2,800 homes: replacing 1,000 existing homes and building 1,800 new homes. 

To help guide our project and shape our plans, we collaborated with local residents asking them what they wanted to see, and designed everything with their needs in mind.  

  • Over 200 new homes.
  • Lots of trees, play areas and green spaces.
  • Spacious new community centre.
  • More pedestrian-friendly area.  

Explore the new Ravensbury

We’re introducing a single-vehicle entrance to help Ravensbury retain its village feel. The whole area will be pedestrian-friendly to encourage a safe, social atmosphere for everyone.  

Existing greenery will be protected and areas around the new homes will be landscaped with hedges and plants.  

We’re also building a large, accessible community centre that will be almost double the size of the previous one.  

What you can expect 

  • Each home at least as big as the home it replaces.
  • Energy-efficient appliances.
  • Accessible, adaptable homes in line with the Lifetime Homes Standard. 

All existing Ravensbury tenants and resident homeowners will be offered a new home, with existing residents being moved first. We’ll move the majority of residents directly from their current home to their new home. 

Track our progress 

You can keep track of how our construction work is going at


The one and two-bedroom flats contain full-height windows to improve natural light. Each will have its own private recessed balcony and there will be resident and visitor parking for family and friends.

There will be a screened communal bin store and the flats will be finished in a brick facade to match the existing neighbourhood. 

Flats for older people

Our flats for older people are built with accessibility in mind and will be available with one or two bedrooms. Like the other flats, they’ll include full-height windows, resident and visitor parking, and a communal bin store. 

Houses, mews houses and dormer houses 

There will be a range of houses, mews houses and dormer houses available with two or three bedrooms. Each house will have its own private outdoor space. The spacious and modern homes will be finished in a brick facade. The minimum size of a three-bedroom house will be 95 square metres.  

There will be resident and visitor parking for family and friends, and a screened communal bin store.  

Riverfront houses and townhouses

There will be a range of riverfront houses and townhouses. The riverfront homes have three or four bedrooms, while the townhouses have four bedrooms. They all boast full-height windows to improve natural light and come with their own first-floor balconies. The spacious and modern homes will be finished in a brick facade.

There will be resident and visitor parking for family and friends, and a screened communal bin store.

Ravensbury regeneration

Go on a virtual tour of the new Ravensbury.

Young People’s Grant Fund

Find out how you can get a grant of up to £5,000 for a project to help improve the community in Merton.  

The Merton Community Panel provides grants for local projects. The first grant programme is the Young People’s Grant Fund for organisations delivering projects in Merton for people 25 and under. Projects should:  

  • provide opportunities and positive activities for young people
  • develop confidence, resilience and leadership skills 
  • improve access to training and educational activities
  • enhance perceptions of young people.  

Applications for this year are now on hold, but will reopen soon. For more information, please email our team.  

Email now 

Consultations with residents 

Ravensbury residents took part in an independent survey in July 2015 about regeneration, the plans and the residents offer with the views of 114 residents being collected (60% response rate). 46% of resident households agreed the regeneration would be good for them (35% disagreed); 43% agreed it would be good for Ravensbury (35% disagreed). 

Download: Merton Regeneration Project Resident Survey (pdf) 

Your individual needs 

Over the last few years, we’ve listened carefully to what our residents have said about their new Ravensbury homes to help us shape our regeneration. However, if you or your family’s needs have changed, please contact us