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Home aids and adaptations

Discover what home improvements you could get, ranging from handrails to wheelchair access.

If you'd like help to live more independently, or improve your standard of living, there’s a range of home aids and adaptations you can request. These include small aids like handrails, all the way up to major improvements like stair lifts.

Once installed, we’ll maintain, repair, and service all approved adaptations for you.

Minor adaptations

Common minor home adaptations include:

  • grab rails, usually near a bath or toilet
  • handrails to make stairs and steps safer
  • lever taps to make it easier to turn taps on and off
  • installing or updating alert devices, such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • visibility improvements, such as changing the type of lighting, upgrading home access, or improving heating or surface finishes.

We aim to complete minor adaptations within 28 days of receiving the necessary documents.

Major adaptations

Stair lifts

If you have mobility issues and struggle with the stairs in your property, a stair lift can make a big difference by helping you to access more areas of your home safely.


Mechanical hoists can help move someone from one position to another, for example helping you get in and out of bed.

Level-access showers

A level-access shower area has no step or lip, making it safer and easier to get in and out if you have mobility issues.

Complex ramping

If you use a wheelchair or other mobility support, a ramp can give you improved access to different levels in your house or building. This means you can access more areas of your home with confidence.

Wheelchair-accessible spaces

Accessible spaces specifically for wheelchair users can be created within your home.

These kinds of home improvements often involve structural changes to your home or building. This means we’ll also carry out an asbestos survey if we don’t already have one on file for your property.

Applying for home aids and adaptations

Who can apply?

If you’re a Clarion tenant, you can request home aids and adaptations for yourself. You can also request them for your partner or an immediate family member, who lives with you permanently.

If you’re a leaseholder or shared owner, you should contact us before making any alterations to your home.

How do I apply?

You first need to contact your local council to get an occupational therapist referral. Your council will arrange for an occupational therapist to visit you at home and identify any adaptations you may need.

The occupational therapist will then send their assessment to us so we can plan the adaptation works. We’ll keep you informed throughout and will arrange a convenient time to carry out the improvements.

For major adaptations, we’ll work with your occupational therapist and local council, and will discuss any funding arrangements with them.

For further advice and information about home aids and adaptations, please contact us.