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Think Neighbour

Helping all our residents enjoy their homes peacefully

Welcome to Think Neighbour

Think Neighbour is our neighbourhood noise campaign, and if you're here it's likely you'll have seen our posters and postcards in your area.

What exactly is Think Neighbour?

Think Neighbour aims to help our residents live peacefully in their homes.

We all enjoy different lifestyles and part of being a good neighbour means acknowledging this and considering others in your everyday activities.

Think Neighbour aims to show that by taking small actions you can make big difference to your neighbours and community.

Here we share some everyday activities which can cause noise nuisance, even if you don’t mean them to, as well as ways to help reduce stress on your neighbours.

Whatever music I listen to at night...

...for my neighbours it may as well be a lullaby.

  • Speakers repositioned
  • Bass dialled down
  • Headphones on

I’m often up late...

…downstairs they're sleeping.

  • Rug for footsteps
  • Washing machine on timer
  • DIY done for now

Gaming round mine tonight...

....sweet dreams next door.

  • Repositioned speakers
  • Bass turned down
  • Headphones on (intense)

We're loving being outside in the summer door's loving it low key.

  • Noise down
  • Dog's indoors
  • Lowered voices (no stress)