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Three Clarion caretakers

Estate services - South London

Making the difference to our communal areas.

Caretaking Services

Our cleaners/caretakers try hard to ensure that the place where you live are safe and kept clean and tidy.

We provide the following cleaning services:

  • cleaning of all internal communal areas, this includes floors, walls, stairs, windows, doors, handrails, banisters and litter picking
  • ensuring that the environment around your home is free from litter as far as is reasonably practical and weather permitting
  • ensuring that bins are ready and available for collection by the local authority on the appropriate day(s)
  • ensure that light bulbs on stairwells and landings are replaced when necessary
  • regular inspections and cleaning of lifts and ensure faults are reported to contractor
  • health and safety checks are carried out in your block each visit and communal repairs are reported.
  • We weed spray hard standing areas at least twice a year.

Our cleaners/caretakers are instantly recognisable on site in their smart uniforms and vans bearing the Clarion logo.

Cleaning schedules and standards

Service standards

At Clarion we acknowledge the various challenges that face social landlords in maintaining a high quality cleaning standard. The challenges can include factors such as vandalism, building abuse and natural wear and tear. The Estate Service team is however committed to provide a caretaking service that meets a good standard and achieves our target of excellence.

Work Schedules

Our cleaners/caretakers work to a schedule of tasks for each block. These schedules are displayed in most blocks and tell you the tasks that your caretaker will carry out internally and externally on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.

Quality Assurance Inspections

To ensure that high standards are maintained, monthly quality assurance inspections are carried out by our Estate Services Team Leaders/Supervisors to assess the cleanliness of your building/estate. At the end of each inspection we score the standard using a Good, Acceptable or Poor score in accordance with our Service Standard manual.

The Team Leader reports any issues that need attention to the cleaners/caretaker and/or other teams and ensures that standards are brought back in line as quick as possible.

We actively encourage your involvement in our quality assurance inspections.

Monitoring system

We’re committed to accurately recording all works carried out by our cleaners/caretakers, grounds maintenance operatives and bulk rubbish caretakers through our monitoring system.

Each operative uses their handheld devices to capture the full detail of each tasks they carry out.

Cleaning Services at Live Smart schemes

Our cleaners provide a full and comprehensive cleaning service to our Live Smart schemes and other specialist buildings.

They ensure that all communal areas including community lounges, laundries and toilets are kept clean and tidy. This involves vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping and emptying.

Our cleaners take great pride in ensuring that they deliver an excellent customer service.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance is carried out by our in-house Grounds Maintenance team.

What do we do?

One of our main tasks is to maintain our grassed areas. We cut the lawns regularly, litter pick, remove any hazards and in most cases to help the environment we mulch the cuttings back into the grass. Wherever possible we recycle green waste into environmentally friendly areas such as allotments.

Once the grass has been cut, we strim the edges and remove all cuttings from pathways and hand standing areas.

  • We maintain shrubbed areas and remove litter, leaves and cuttings.
  • We prune flower beds at the appropriate times of the year.
  • We maintain hedges to the correct height.
  • Where necessary we carry out maintenance on smaller trees, removing low hanging branches.
  • We monitor the grounds maintenance on a monthly basis grading each site with either a good, acceptable or poor rating.

Mobile Service

Clarion’s responsive mobile estate services team provides the following service:

Deep cleaning and jet washing

Where there’s a build-up of dirt in communal areas we will provide an extra deep clean by use of a jet washer or other powered machinery.

We will remove any oil spills or moss on communal walkways and pathways owned by Clarion.

We will power clean/jet wash communal bin areas.

Bulk rubbish removal

Respond and remove any build-up of bulky items where ownership can’t be established.

If we can identify who has dumped bulky items we will liaise with the council’s Environmental Health Department. This can lead to a fixed penalty notice and/or prosecution.

Graffiti Removal

We remove graffiti from brickwork, pathways, and fencing owned by Clarion. Offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours of notification.

All work is prioritised based upon the health and safety risk.

How you can help?

  • Dispose of rubbish in bins and chutes provided.
  • Do not force large items of rubbish or furniture down chutes as this causes blockages.
  • Keep the areas surrounding your property clean and tidy.
  • Do not store items in communal areas.
  • Make arrangements with the Local Authority to remove large bulky items or transport them to your nearest recycling centre.
  • Do not smoke in communal areas.
  • Dispose of recycle waste in the appropriate recycling bins avoiding contaminating bins with incorrect items.
  • Do not fly-tip.

How you can help?

You can contact us if you have an enquiry about the estate services in your area.

Our aim is to try and always meet very high standards; we do accept that on occasions this may not be achieved.

We welcome your feedback and will treat any complaint seriously.