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Service charges

Find out about the different service charges and services related to your annual Service Charge Review.

If you have any queries about your service charges, please complete the form below providing as much detail as possible.

Information about service charges

You may have noticed that the letters you have received this year regarding your new charges may look different from previous years. The service charge descriptions and codes have changed to bring them in line with the new Clarion Housing system .

For example, if you previously paid for block and estate cleaning these will show as one charge under the heading of cleaning. If you are a Leaseholder or a Freeholder your letter would have previously enclosed an invoice, these are no longer issued.

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Ways to pay your rent

Find out about all the options you have when it comes to paying your rent on time.

Frequently Asked Question

Falling into arrears?

Falling into rent arrears can happen to anybody, but with the right support behind you, a solution can often be found.